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Language Learning Software for Individuals & Family

Total Immersion Language Learning System!
The fastest way to learn a language is by visiting another country! Easy Language is the #1 leading brand of immersion learning. The Flexible Immersion System places you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. No other affordable brand offers more personalization or tailors your learning objectives to your specific needs. You'll learn exactly what you need for travel, business, or school, right when you need it.

Language Learning Features of Easy Language

Award-Winning Lessons
• Pronunciation - perfect your pronunciation in the Speech Lab
• Speaking & Listening - interact with characters in real-life scenarios
• Simulated Conversations - converse with native speakers and achieve fluency
• Oral & Written Lessons - learn sentence structure and language rules

Personalized Learning
• Build Your Vocabulary - proven vocabulary and grammar exercises
• Adjustable Study Plans - create a personalized lesson plan for your needs
• Track Your Progress - map your progress as you learn to speak the language

Captivating & Enjoyable Practice!
• Interactive Games - Go Fish, Hangman, and Crossword Puzzles
• Speech Analysis - practice your speech with 3D phonetic diagrams
• Voice Recording & Playback - record and hear your own voice
• Cultural Movies - learn the language through cultural movies

Easy Spanish
Easy Spanish™ Platinum
The fast & easy way to learn Spanish.


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Easy Spanish
Easy English™ Platinum
The fast & easy way to learn English.


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Easy French
Easy French™ Platinum
The fast & easy way to learn French.


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Easy German
Easy German™ Platinum
The fast & easy way to learn German.


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Easy Language Personal Software
is Ideal for:

• Students
• Family
• Business Travelers
• Leisure Travel & Activities
Learn Anywhere-Even on the Go!

Transfer audio MP3 files to your favorite devices. Includes dual-direction Dictionaries and Travel Phrase Books.

Typing Instructor Testimonials
Before our vacation, neither of us knew any Spanish... in just a few hours, Easy Spanish taught us everything we needed for the trip.
— J. & D. Harrison, San Diego, CA


English was my second language. Easy English has dramatically improved my communication with my manager and co-workers.
— H. Vasquez, Austin, Texas
Typing Instructor Testimonials
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